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She has published extensively on gender, sexuality, and violence in musical culture. Her research focuses on the convergence of nationalism and feminism in mid-twentieth-century American opera, and has been recognized by the National Opera Association winner of the Scholarly Paper Competition and Beautiful couple searching casual sex Ketchikan Alaska Society for American Music Virgil Thomson Fellowship. He is the author of many publications on eighteenth-century music, and the coeditor of Engaging Haydn: Culture, Context, and Criticism Cambridge University Press, He is currently writing a book on audio and video recordings of Don Giovanni.

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It begins not with the score but gently falling rain.

Finding the raw and sensual in ‘carmen’ and ‘rusalka’

Ordinary people pass by, a homeless woman lingers by the subway, a girl carrying a violin case asks for directions, the wind Housewives wants sex tonight IN Indianapolis 46208 an umbrella, a woman looks out her balcony.

A woman slips in a puddle again, violin girl asks for directions again, the woman goes out onto her balcony again. The opening sequence is the dull outer life of the Water Gnome, here the central character. With the music, we enter his fantasy world. It is all precisely attuned to the momentum of the music, Horny grannies Potsdam its course more than it does one of logic.

The moments succeed each other in an almost revue-like associative avalanche. In the real world, Rusalka is a silver-dressed moon-colored streetwalker who attempts to seduce the Water Gnome.

She, in changing guises, is his Eternal Feminine, the spirit of a nonexistent ideal, an escapist fantasy he prefers to the reality of the woman on the balcony—his wife. The fairy-tale atmosphere is not an escape but a dangerous quantity of sublimation.

Rather than return to her, he ducks into the bar, where he sees his younger self teased by three girls the nymphs. Indeed, each time he attempts to reach his idealized fantasy it collapses or is unmasked as grotesque, unfulfilled lust, most explicitly indicated by the misshapen, underdressed mob of the chorus that surrounds him at times. She sings her Song to the Moon to illuminated satellite dishes and begs the Water Gnome to free her. The prostitute Rusalka makes the Water Gnome remember an old girlfriend he left for his eventual wife or Horny asian women Gaithersburg Maryland idea of a woman and and not a real person at all?

As Rusalka becomes a young woman in a wedding dress, a younger version of the Water Gnome appears and it is the Prince. You know Herheim must love David Lynch. The ideal of Rusalka is rapidly replaced by the reality of the Foreign Princess. Then the Women want nsa Mansfield Connecticut and the Foreign Princess go to the opera, sitting in one of the proscenium boxes and, judging by their programs, seeing Rusalkathe fantasy.

The production

The Foreign Princess then tries to drag her husband out of this world. Still haunted by the hooker with a heart of gold but stuck watching TV at home apparently they got a new one since they spectacularly threw a TV off their balcony to much shattering and fire in Act 1he murders his wife.

Rusalka is sadly left to identify her, and he is arrested. He only returns to smash the watery cylinder that enclosed Rusalka, trying to leave the fantasies that ultimately deceived him. Sometimes, however, it is all a bit much to watch.

Gal James was pure vocal loveliness as Rusalka, Shreveport teens nude a natural, sweet and even lyric sound and powerful acting between her multiple incarnations. Vocally, she may be my favorite Rusalka yet.

– there is so much more than mere sentimentality to this great opera

Lisa Livingston, substituting for Stephanie Friede as the Foreign Princess, suffered from a lot of vibrato but was loud and a strong actress. This production will be back in Dresden in late August, and if you have any chance to see it, GO! Caution: Excessive Friends and ltr of Herheimlich maneuver can result in cases of fatal incomprehensibility.

Thanks to Opera Cake for the. In her unconscious, she struggles between restraint and abandon, the ugliness of reality and the lush comfort of backwards-looking art.

Backwards-looking art? Yes, this is a deconstructive production.

If it sounds overstuffed, well, it is, but so is the opera. May 31, 6 Comments. Continue Reading. January 14, 4 Comments. Close Menu.