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Looking for a little more passion? It may be time to give slow sex a try. What is slow sex — and how can it lead to greater intimacy in your relationship? Read on for 10 sensual tips for how to have slow, passionate sex with your partner.

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How is “slow sex” different from other types of sex?

One of Adult wants hot sex Gaithersburg best things to come out of my personal development inwas stumbling across the love languages equivalent….

When I learned about the five love-making styles sexual, energetic, sensual, kink or shapeshiftingso much made sense to me.

It is built through the basic pairing system of stimulus-response. Kink: Responsive to sexually-relevant but not necessarily sexually-explicit information. It is built by moment-to-moment shifts and judgements that either improve or deteriorate desire or the pleasure sensation.

It is generally built by attunement and hypervigilance to slight environmental changes that are usually learned through surviving hostile or unsafe situations. This archetype responds to more information as well as responding to subtleties in big ways - meaning they can experience pleasure with less physical stimuli but are also prone to over-stimulation.

Shapeshifting: Responsiveness that fits many or all of the above in different situations or on different days or with different partners is considered to be a shapeshifting archetype. The individual is relatively flexible across the variety of archetypes. While my experience of sex and pleasure has always been an ever evolving Seeking a girly girl gf deepening journey inwards, the context of erotic blueprints allowed me to jump ahead several paces.

I discovered that the primary modes through which pleasure is activated for me, is through energetics and sensuality. These Single teens from Virginia Beach can pull me deeper into the moment through subtle energetic changes such as those associated with flirtation OR they can quickly become triggering ie putting me in fight or flight mode… not sexy.

This also means that before anything has physically happened, I can already be experiencing deep sexual pleasure.

In fact, I can be incredibly turned on before anything at all is even said because of my ability to read people beyond what my five senses can perceive. What is happening leading up to, during and outside of sexual behaviour really matters to me. As a result, time, trust and Im Gelsenkirchen guy looking for a women connection are important for me in sexual situations.

As I, myself, am also energetically expansive my energy leaks into all thingsI tend to be less anchored within my own body and experience. I believe that this is where the sensuality Women looking casual sex Bonita comes in for me… having slow engagement of all my senses helps me to drop into my body.

Conversely, I can Naughty looking casual sex Carpinteria be quick to disconnect when something feels overwhelming or overstimulating for my senses.

Firstly, because despite popular opinionthese archetypes are actually energetically more stable and therefore safer given that a person is conscious of their sexual patterning and actively adapts it into their life in healthy ways.

Secondly, because they tend to be easier to read and more present to their experience which helps Hot sex men Bismarck to become more present. In fact, people who are at least a little kinky are a huge turn on for me.

Of course there are some kinks that just fit better with my predispositions that would be a preference but not a hard line. Get REAL with me. Jul Jade Rewilding.

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