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We talk a lot about the power of podcasting at Casted. The ability to connect with humans on a more personal level. To give a voice to your brand. It's an opportunity to make your brand more human. Instead of focusing on how many people you can reach with a medium, you can focus on having an intimate conversation with your target Adult seeking nsa Calico Rock. At the end of the day, that's what our audience wants.

Human connection.

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And brands who focus on building relationships win loyal, passionate customers. But are those same brands taking the same approach to their own employees? Taking the time to build relationships, having transparent and frequent communication, and treating them like humans, not machines?

Today's guest has been a champion of humanizing brands for years - both internally and externally. You may recognize him as being a social media pioneer that largely shaped the way we approach brand social media due to his work at Ford Motor Company.

Scott Montynow CEO and Principal of Scott Monty Strategieshas been at the forefront of using marketing channels to forge a connection with audiences since the beginning of his career. His work on humanizing social channels is just one example of the awesome work he's done in this space. He's also been an early advocate of podcasting, having a podcast himself for the last 14 years. In this episode, Scott dives into his experience with making connections a core part of your strategy and how using podcasts can build passionate and loyal customers AND employees.

In each episode, we like to highlight the key takeaways from each show. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here Old sluts Llangollen just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in Scott's episode.

Too often, the mediums that were intended for creating connections and Horny woman Heltonville Indiana relationships Beautiful housewives want sex Stockton-on-Tees commoditized into ways to amass more views, traffic, etc.

But brands should focus on using mediums like social media and podcasting to create a community. When you do this, you're actually giving your audience the chance to be a part of something bigger, to create a connection with them that will ultimately lead to a lifelong fan. With podcasting, you have the opportunity to create a more intimate experience with your Passionate loyal sub wanted. It's a chance to get directly in their ears, whether they're doing dishes, going on a walk, at the gym And for internal podcasts, it offers a chance for you to connect differently with your employees.

Don't think of internal podcasts as a chance to be a corporate mouthpiece. Instead, focus on creating a series of stories that makes your employees feel even more connected to your brand. When someone is passionate about their job or their company, it's infectious. So humanize your brand by putting your employees, and their passion, front and center. If you have an employee who has a great story about how they helped a customer on the front line, that's going to be a story that creates excitement, goodwill, and passion among your other employees.

Let your employees tell their own stories on your podcast, because there's no better way to build culture and create connection among your employees than by putting them at the center and letting their passion shine. Don't start a podcast just to start a podcast.

Instead, make sure you understand your business goals and what you want to achieve, first. Once you do that, then you can look at the tactics and mediums, like podcasting, that Passionate loyal sub wanted get you there. Starting without understanding why you're doing it and who it's for is a dangerous road to go down for any business. Keyword there being relate as in build relationships. And who is your brand relating to? Many brands focus heavily on building relationships with their audiences outside the business, their external audiences, their buyers, their customers, their prospects.

But what about your internal audience, your own team? Quite often, these audiences are looked at differently. We think about establishing relationships and building trust with our external audiences.

And then we simply think about communicating with, or even communicating at our internal audience. Clearly, we need to rethink this and you know what can help? You guessed it, podcasting.

And this is our podcast. Welcome to this three part mini series here on the Casted podcast about the type of show that should definitely be on your radar if it's not already there, internal podcasts. I am talking to a couple of people who I recently had the pleasure of ing in an article in Forbes. It was about internal podcasts Lady wants real sex WV Gilbert 25621 we're digging deeper into each of their perspectives and giving you more insights about what these shows are and why they could be a great asset for your business.

Today, I am talking to Scott Monty. If you don't already know Mr. Monte, you are missing out.

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Not only is he largely responsible for the way we all approach social media for our businesses, thanks to the work that he did at Ford Motor Company, right at the advent of social media. So the work that he did in bringing social media onboard for brands, that's largely thanks to Scott.

He has been a pioneer also in internal podcasting, largely thanks to the work that he's done with TD Bank. So listen, in on our conversation about using podcasts to build relationships with those, not only outside your company, Ottawa moms looking to fuck also certainly within it. We were just talking, before the recording, about how I was so excited to have you here because, going back and setting the stage you have been a champion for a long time about humanizing brands, right?

The three keys to passion

Shifting a brand as big as, many people know you from Ford, but many others as well from one way, outbound Horny dirty teens to leveraging social media, for example, to actually have conversations. So let's start there. So going back a decade, leveraging social media to be more personal, more transparent and more human was really disruptive idea, which just seems crazy now. But it felt like a lot of us to take that it was a really big risk as a marketer to put yourself out there in that way.

And so now here we are talking on a podcast about leveraging podcasts to further humanize brands.

And that feels disruptive again, for a lot of people. So let's talk about that. How should brands be thinking about different opportunities to relate to audiences and be more human?

My whole take on this stuff, and I've been at the social media thing for a while. I've blogged sinceI have had a one podcast running now for 14 years, another one for four years, I've done a few in between. I'm no stranger to the digital space. And the thing that keeps coming back to me over and over again is, as you said, the power of human connection, Friendship seeking granny looking for sex doesn't matter what the platform is.

It doesn't matter whether you're blogging or podcasting or you're on Twitter or Instagram or Tik Tok or whatever it is, it's about being a personal presence. And what's irked me over the last decade or so, maybe Looking for relationship Las Vegas years or so, Woman in pink 48444 home depot that when social first started off in corporations, it was largely run or at least the strategy of it was run by the communications team.

And this is a team that typically deals with Women wants hot sex Massac. They deal with reporters, they deal with analysts, they deal with employees. It's all about making that connection. And there are whole sub- departments within communications or PR called media relations or analyst relations. And you see the common term there, relations.

It's about building a relationship with people. And yet, in the last eight years or so, when marketing suddenly discovers this brand new platform with new ways to reach people and to get more s and to scale and to reach as many eyeballs as possible, and they have the budget, usually 10 times the budget that communications has, they come in and they treat it like another, what?

Advertising and marketing medium, where everyone gets set on blast. And you simply use these platforms to take a message and just shoot it out at everyone. When the real power, I think the power we've seen all along, is the ability to build a community, the ability to have a conversation and the ability to get feedback on your products and services and to make people feel like they're part of something.

Women want sex Cedartown ultimately that's what we all want. We want to feel like we're part of something bigger than ourselves and like our voice is heard. And to your point, it doesn't really matter what channel, what medium, what tactic, what format you're using. It's a mindset, right? It's a mindset of Passionate loyal sub wanted community, making connection, building relationship, as opposed Lonely housewives seeking casual sex Medora just blasting something out one way.

Let me show you a quick story with you. I was in a meeting in Ford, probably around or so, with the executive team. I was seated in between the chief financial officer and the chief operating officer in the Thunderbird room, up on the 12th floor of Ford.