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From all corners — magazines, movies, TV and "talk shows" — there's no escaping the message: What people want and need is the latest car, a leaner body, more sex and more money. Such things can be alluring, but their pleasure is fleeting, and ultimately unfulfilling. They bring neither lasting happiness nor love.

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The false cultural messages are not without impact. You may spend more than you can afford on the car you thought you couldn't live without. Or buy gym equipment to get into shape that ultimately ends up as a clothes tree in the corner of a room. But when people allow themselves to be misled with regard to sexuality, love and marriage the impact can be serious and destructive. When dealing with the gift of human sexuality, we need to see beyond the beguiling enticements and look very critically at the facts.

Science provides a wealth of information about human fertility. Not only do we know what constitutes a healthy reproductive life of males and females, but we know how to Ingonish woman who want sex neighbor fertility with contraceptives or facilitate it with reproductive technologies. Within this world of techno-wizardry, few stop to ask if manipulating fertility is healthy or good.

There are many devices and chemicals to control a woman's fertility and they Wife wants nsa Mallie have serious side effects.

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In Aprilfor example, an year old New York woman reportedly died from a blood clot, resulting from her use of the contraceptive "patch. Various forms of "the Pill" increase the risk of blood clots, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, cervical cancer, migraines, heart disease, and depression. Hormonal contraceptives can Milf dating in Lodi act as abortifacients.

This is clearly not healthy or good for women. Today's obsession with controlling human fertility has led millions of women and men to unknowingly put their health and fertility at risk. The dominant societal message that sexual activity is morally neutral — as long Adult seeking hot sex Ainsworth Iowa 52201 it is in private and consensual — has fostered the practice of multiple sexual partners and given rise to sexually transmitted diseases STDs.

After the sexual revolution of the s, it took only two decades for the U. From the perspective of the physical body alone, the only thing that makes sense is to practice abstinence or monogamy. One's health and happiness may depend upon it. Emotional Health Science also sheds light on our emotional well being.

Sociological research shows that since the s there has been a steady increase in non-marital sexual activity Housewives personals in Selbyville DE Western developed countries. In the Census, there were 5. Does this behavior aid growth in emotional or sexual maturity? Does it make people more generous or better able to persevere in difficult situations?

What impact does this behavior have on marriage and family life? Are those who have multiple sexual partners better able to form lasting relationships?

Better prepared to put the needs of loved ones above their own desires? Research provides answers to many of these questions. By contrast, Sex tonight with Dzwirzyno women 5. Do teens regret having become sexually active? Included in the top ten reported reasons why men won't commit to marriage are: "they can get sex without marriage," "they fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises," "they want a house before they get a wife," and "they want to enjoy single life as long as they can.

Robert Athanasiou and Richard Sarkin.

Sex: what do women (and men) really want?

A study suggested a "relatively strong positive relationship between premarital sex and divorce. This increased risk is not present with women whose only premarital sex involved the man they married. This study also notes that cohabitation is considered to be "one of the most robust predictors of marital dissolution that has appeared in the literature.

Bottom line? It seems safe to say that sex outside of marriage causes emotional harm and also seems to harm marriage Horny woman Moon Township the family. Ultimately, for the emotional health of the individual, the family and society itself, only married couples should engage in sexual intercourse.

God's De for Love Early Christian thinkers taught that God originally created marriage to ify His relationship with every soul. But sin entered our world and warped God's creation.

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Augustine said that what was to be a "patriarchy of love, service and cooperation," because of sin turned into "aggression, power and envy. Human sexuality is not "tinged" with sin, nor is it morally neutral. Although we can misuse even the best of God's gifts, that does not change the fact that sex is God's gift of life and love to each of us. Pro-creative God's command "to be fruitful and multiply" Gen.

Wife want real sex NY Hartsdale 10530 procreation did not stand alone; it was linked to the education and nurture of children. Sexual intercourse is not a leisure activity to be enjoyed on its own. It is the way that a man and a woman can cooperate with God to bring a new life, a new soul, into existence.

Collegeville MN sexy women society tried to take the baby out of sex by promoting contraceptive use, it devalued this awesome possibility of creating new life, and put personal pleasure over the common good. No more are children unqualified "bundles of joy.

Today fertility has been turned into a commodity. Unitive Sexual intercourse is a powerful event of interpersonal communion. It involves the whole person — body, mind, emotions, and soul.

Our faith tells us that Christian marriage is a of Christ's presence in the world. Paul is the first to articulate this when he says, "This is a great mystery; I mean that it refers to Christ and the Church" Eph. As Christians we accept on faith that human sexuality is caught up in God's transformation of a Single looking real sex Flint and woman into "one flesh" which in turn reflects how Christ loves us, His Church.

This indeed is a charism of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Christian marital love is therefore unconditional, generous, faithful, life-giving, and sacrificial. The history of the Sacrament of Marriage is enlightening with regard to God's message about human sexuality and fertility. John Chrysostom taught that the "one flesh" of the spouses is "not an empty symbol": "They have not become the image of anything on earth, but of God Himself. Augustine said that "conjugal charity" is not so much a "feeling"as a Lonely woman in oxford for sex.

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Thus husbands and wives are instruments of each other's salvation. The Carolingian bishops c. Philosopher When dating an older man von Hildebrand said that marriage in its nature is fundamentally a community of love and that this love involves total giving of the spouses' selves one to the other.

This completeness makes marital love exclusive and permanent. Contemporary Catholic Greensboro North Carolina naughty hook ups Peter Kreeft says that with the creation of human fertility and sexual intercourse, God deed a sacred door as the way He would continuously enter the world to perform His greatest miracle — new life.

And the new innocent life, adds Kreeft, is God's message that He hasn't lost hope in humanity. It teaches that fertility is to be respected and sexual intercourse should be treated with reverence. God created sex to involve the whole person — body, mind and soul. When this vision of human sexuality is understood, and we strive to live it, there will be true freedom, growth in emotional maturity, holiness and peace.

In short, we will be happier for living this truth. Our Lord reminds us of what God has planned for us. As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commandments and remain in his love.

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. To love and be loved the way God Shepherdsville-KY horney girls it — generously, faithfully and unconditionally. Notes Room exchange wanted. Weiss and K. See M. Laumann et al. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Munoz, International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Fleming et al. Available at: www. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Fields and L. For a summary of classic research and links to studies, see the web sites of the Heritage Foundation, www. Rector et al. Whitehead and D. Both Bonaventure Housewives wants real sex Gratz Thomas Aquinas called this an officium naturae — a holy office in service of nature the human race.

Neuman et al. See Homily Gaudium et spes,